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Turnkey systems

A tailored tool for QC and monitoring for stereoscopic 3D  

Cel-Scope3D has the ultimate flexibility because in runs under MS Windows as so there is a very wide choice of hardware platforms to suit your needs. Cel-Soft can supply Cel-Scope3D systems as a complete turnkey studio ready configuration. Capture cards, storage options and physical specs are custom configured to your needs or preferences.

To get world class speed Cel-Scope3D needs the right configuration to run with. To analyse 3D accurately in real-time needs serious number crunching capabilities.

We can provide a workstation in a rack mount or desktop PC configuration to meet with requirements of your work flow.

A 3D workhorse in a bullet-proof full metal jacket !


Talk to our sales office or email about your exact requirements or just what you want want to do. We will come up with the solution that will work for you....


This award winning tool-kit is available as turn-key studio system or portable unit configured around a very high performance laptop.   Its fast - its accurate and its not going to break your budgets - disparity or financial.  






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